First Impressions

Times have changed. In the past, persons looking for a church home would visit various churches to get a feel for their services and sense of community. Now, the web is usually the first place they go to learn about a church. It's more important than ever to make a good first impression.

Your church website should help guests learn about the good things happening in your congregation and ministries. That means it works to tell your story, using photos, video and up-to-date news and information.

Growing Community


Your church website can also make a difference in the lives of your members. Churches are brimming with information about opportunities, events, schedules, needs, and ways to get involved. Increasingly, your members already turn to the web to get the latest information, and if your church website makes it easier to find the information they seek, then they will be more informed and likely to participate. 

Quality Shows

Your church works hard to provide quality ministries and worship experiences, so why have a website that is low-quality? A well-designed site communicates a care for doing things well. 


The Stories of Faith

Your congregation is full of stories. There are stories of how your church began and grew. Stories of how needs have been met in your community. Stories of how lives have been touched.

But new stories are appearing all the time. Stories from the recent mission trip. Stories from children's camp, youth camp, choir tour. Stories of crisis, of care, of support and community.

The tools for telling these stories are plentiful — you have members who take photos, members who can create videos or audio interviews, and members who can write. What if your website became a place for sharing the stories of faith?

Faithlab can work with your church to not only get a great, easy to update website, but to also help you develop new ways of sharing your faith.