Know the complete price of your project at the start.

Flat Pricing

Faithlab offers fixed pricing for 95% of our work. So if you need a new website, you will receive a proposal that provides just the features you want with a flat price for the work. 

Because each church or organization is unique, each website is a unique mix of features and pages. During the free consultation call, we will ask questions and listen to your ideas. Then, we will prepare a written proposal for you that outlines the included features and services, along with a set price. This allows you to know you will be staying within your budget.

Plus, by avoiding the hourly-fee game, Faithlab and your team can enjoy the production process without the worry of constantly watching the clock and worrying about budget overruns.

Free Consultation

Whether you are looking for a new website, a new logo, a newsletter redesign or consulting services, get started with a free consultation. This helps us get a good sense of your needs, and also allows us to get to know each other a bit. Ministry is a relational endeavor, and we enjoy getting to know our clients. 

Creative Ways to Save Costs

Faithlab works with new churches and small non-profit orgs, as well as large churches and organizations. If your budget is tight, we can usually help you find ways to get the services you need. It costs nothing to request a quote, so give us a try!