The church in Starry Night is the only building without yellow light emanating from the inside and one of the only places throughout the painting where there is not a hint of yellow. Maybe not too significant until you realize that Van Gogh used the color yellow to represent God. The Church at Auvers is of a beautiful church building but with no doors and the path splits instead of leading to the church building, Vincent Van Gogh painted Eternity’s Gate as a representation of himself sitting in a chair with his head in his hands seeming to be in anguish. He finished painting it three days before he shot himself. I admired the beauty of each of these paintings before I knew the meaning behind them. The story that Van Gogh tells through his brushwork is beautiful. They are stories of life that he best could tell through the stroke of a brush on canvas.

There are a lot of times when I can’t put words to what I am thinking or what I am feeling but I can picture it in my head. Colors come to my head. Images flash across my memory. Emotions that cannot be put to words come alive through images.

Art tells a story.

What images would you use to tell your story?

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