A reflection on portion Shemini, because, in the matters of Nadab and Abihu and of Uzzah I thought G-D was being a jerk. Yet if a man would fall to his death BASE jumping, I would not blame G-D. A toddler may climb up A chair Attempt to perch upon it She may fall A bruise A scrape Some tears A lesson learned More care Perhaps Will be taken In future adventures

A schoolboy Climbs A tree Now The height Is greater If The branch is too weak The grip insecure A step careless A broken arm A shattered knee A concussion

The climber Approaches The top of the spire A finger of stone Pointing to heaven A crevice misjudged A stone seeming secure Slips A momentary Loss of concentration A long fall Time to consider Choices Errors A life passing Death

A dream of flight A simple thing But to scream Skyward In a silver shell Propelled Rising On a pillar A pillar of fire One mistake The pilot, Her hands Slick upon the yoke The engineer, In a minor computation The worker Who tightened The six hundred thirteenth bolt On the secondary assembly Glory turns to catastrophe Brilliance to ash Exaltation to death

It is not fair It is not just But It is

To climb so high Requires care One slip One moment Moment of inattention Destruction

But Oh! To ascend upon the charriot To pass through The gates of the Seven celestial palaces Perhaps to Return Perhaps Dead Mad To grasp even A sixtieth Of a sixtieth Of a sixtieth Of a partial Understanding? Glimpse? Of The HOLY

But Four entered the orchard One died One went mad One cut the roots of Who he was Turned away from Himself One Only one Entered in peace and left in peace.

Uzzah So honored To escort The Ark Only wanted To serve Only wanted To help But touch One touch And Death

The sons of Aaron Brought A new thing Born of a passion to serve To be close A strange fire Something to please The Holy One In The Holy Place By fire As was that Which was brought close They were Consumed

To soar To join with To touch To hope To touch The Holy To walk among the stars Can be To balance Balance On a flaming blade Terror Terror and trembling Take care But How How can I refuse the flight.

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