I. I have walked through the week A land of boundaries conflicts obstacles. Not without Beauty charm hope But trudging, walking step by step Climbing over some barriers bulling through others. Tired Walking with resolute steps but Feeling collapse is near Pushing though this landscape landscape of nations petty princedoms endless bureaucracies numb caffeine powered vibrating without energy vitality strength fading In the twilight land where sight becomes vague my feet feel a difference sinking in a trickle of sand flowing over my shoe tops my nostrils taste a hint of salt my ears sense a distant rushing a periodic flow in out in out washing things up carrying others away at last the gentle roar is upon me my feet wet with the tide.

A skiff, seen in uncertain fraying light I lie down Carried out by the flood up down crest trough flowing with the waves each separate each part of the ocean up down crest trough until at last I too am ocean. I rise to my feet knees bending to match the shifting of the world I look out a moon lit shimmering seascape no lines no boarders the land distant perhaps gone

Hand upon the mast I am rocked as a child upon her mother's chest rocked with her breathing in out up down crest trough

In my rocking my cradle of wood and sea and salt and breeze the Moon calls to me I rise in gentle ascent higher and higher still feeling the rhythm, the breathing of the world.

As I encircle the distant Moon paying her court I look back there is the Earth Sea and land separate but one The nations bleed into each other the land merges with water the water merges with ice All softened by a swirling cover of cloud. Different yet the same separate yet unified multiple still one.

And, returning to my slender craft descending through cloud and air light and fire I return to my floating splinter To sail for a while until a new sunset brings me to ground.


Come, my friend let us pray. Let us flow flow into the larger stream of being as rivulets into a river and as rivers into the sea.

But I am blocked occluded I am in a narrow place trapped the well of my soul is blocked. I cannot flow out I cannot delve in. But with you with me beloved friend together we can lift lift the cover of my well then all will be well With your help with your love we can draw me out I can at last pray.

Because you took me as you found me because you believed me to be a soul when I doubted it myself I can dip into my soul myself and flow into the greater stream And more I can draw from that deeper well The well of salvation The deepest well the ocean of being.

Come beloved friend Let us pray.

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