A wind from G-D sweeping over the water.From G-d. To reach what we seek, What we long for, Hunger for, Thirst, We move against the wind. But, If we did not partake of G-D We would not be moved by that same wind, Breathed into our nostrils. We would not long. A stone, A dead thing, Is not moved by wind. Only because we are more than stone, Than dirt Are we moved, Do we ache.

As a ship that must move forward, We tack, We move off to the right We move to the left, And return again. Sabbath after Sabbath, Festival after festival, We move, Move forward. Not in a circle, But in a pattern, A path that moves us closer, Closer to the MOST HIGH.

G-d said, “Let there be light” Seeking light, we move against the wind. A wind that, Mysteriously, Moves us forward.

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