A poem for Steve Silvern and inspired by a reading of Hasidic texts on Yom Kippur I am a shuttered lantern My shutter Closed Frozen Rusted Shut Stuck Frozen By the coldness of my heart Rusted by tears Mine Sprung from hopelessness Others’ That I failed to wipe away Or Caused By My callousness

Shut because The dark is quiet I cannot see But I cannot be seen

Stuck As I am stuck In The course of my life

Please Open my shutter Shatter my darkness Reveal my Inner Imperishable Fire That is Me Mine And Yours That of me That is You Even though I fear I fear The pain Of Unfreezing The flakes of Shame Oxidized by my guilt Opening To the light Though I may see I may see What I do not want To see I may be seen

Help me move From The comfort of stasis The stasis of comfort

Remind me I am A being of light Light is my center Let my part My heart My center Call To The Greater Light

Perhaps I will Shatter So filled with light So be it What is shattered can be repaired Shell by shell Husk by husk

Let me Be Be what I truly am A lamp Shining Seeing Being seen

Let me be A lamp Lighting the world.

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