If you or a loved one received an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch this Christmas, you may be looking for app suggestions. Here's my list of favorite apps. Most are available for both the iPhone and iPad. I've organized these by type. To find one of these apps, just open the App Store on your device and search for the name of the app. You'll be able to read about the app, see some screenshots from it, and read reviews before you choose to get it or not. Most are free, but not all.

1. Remember Everything Evernote

2. Personal "Magazine" These apps allow you to choose your interests and then deliver a sort of magazine with just the sort of things you like most: Zite Flipboard

3. News & Weather NY Times (paid sub required) NextDraft (witty, curated news collection for each weekday) Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (webapp - not in app store - click here using your iPad or iPhone) USA Today CNN MyRadar Weather Radar Weather Channel

4. Watch (Movies & TV shows) Netflix (subscription required) Amazon Instant Video (if you have an Amazon Prime account) Flixster (get info on current & upcoming movies, get showtimes) TV Guide IMDB (International Movie Database) iTunes U TED Talks

5. Sketch/Paint/Draw Paper by FiftyThree Penultimate

7. Read iBooks (Apple's ereader) Kindle (Amazon's ereader) Nook (Barnes & Noble's ereader)

8. Sports Sportacular ESPN

9. Open Files GoodReader Dropbox

10. Radio Pandora NPR NPR Music Podcasts SiriusXM (subscription required)

11. Shopping Amazon eBay Target Walmart

12. Write Pages (word processor) IA Writer (text editor)

13. Be Social Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

14. Photos & Video iPhoto (edit photos) iMovie (edit videos) Flickr (take, edit & share photos) Camera+ (take, edit & share photos)

15. Social Games Words with Friends

16. Lifestyle Food Network in the Kitchen Evernote Food Yelp (find restaurants, stores, etc near you) Starbucks

17. ToDo & Projects, etc. Things (not free) Wunderlist (free) Basecamp (must have a Basecamp account) Keynote (presentation slides software)

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