How easy to be PharaohMerely Look At the Other Repeat the magic words He is less than I Why She is not Even Human

Those Other folks They Are not The same As us We are Special

Because they Are not The same Their rights Not as important as Ours Their pain Not worth our inconvenience To sooth

That one looks Different That one Is Darker Or Lighter Speaks in a strange accent Does not believe As we Believe Votes for Silly things

How easy it becomes To be Pharaoh To take a bit more Because They are not Quite Human

From Denial of rights to Slavery Or simply Shooting a few To Extermination Genocide

But It is OK I have my comfort And After all They are not really Quite People

How easy to be Pharaoh I have mine We have ours And After all They are not like us They are not really Quite People

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